text line on splits

When I am writing a chapter I split it into scenes at the flow allows. Once I do that, I get a new card to write a title and synopsis on–a great feature. I usually use this to jot down notes for the scene. Sometimes, I will outline this way, setting up one folder per chapter, splitting into scenes, giving each scene card a title and some notes as to what that scene will contain.

Each scene has a title, so I can quickly go over the flow of the chapter in my head.

However, when I am looking at chapters fused together (scrivenings) I want to see the title of the cards for the scene and cannot, because the inspector is on the card for the chapter. With me so far? I can not see, at a glance, if things are in the right order. Sure I can read everything, but that takes time.

My suggestion is instead of the split lines being a dashed line only, that they be a wider grey line containing the text from the title of the index card for that section. Perhaps a small shaded area below the dashed line. Either will work.

Thanks again for a great product. I look forward to your next update.

The ability to show the document titles in a Scrivenings session is something we’re planning to add, as well as the ability to see the focussed document’s title in the editor header bar rather than just the container. For now, though, yes, you’ll need to click into each document in the session in order to see its title, which will be displayed on the index card in the inspector.