Text location

In some moment when user write notes and visible page is over, text lower to bootom of screen and stay there, I mean most time, typing user have to look at the bottom of the screen, it’s very inconvenient.

Focus the editor by clicking in it and then try Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling. This will keep the current line (where the caret is) centred in the editor. It can be toggled individually for each editor split and for full screen (in full screen you need to use the shortcut Windows Logo+Ctrl+T).

Thanks a lot. it could be huge disappointment. I actually tried to find other outliner all day because of this stuff (they all are awfull). It’s very strange it’s not default.

is it possible that there’s another thing of my text editor dreams in Scrivener - a look of editor like page-list in ms word, like a look of a printed page (A4 or other)? if not, can you count this suggestion as wish list? don’t wanna create theme in wish list category.


Generally in most outliner word editor there’s a huge problem - text area in full window size is too wide. That’s inconvenient to read very much. In Scrivener this problem is solved by vertical spliting. Actually i don’t use right (second) editor, i need it to set neceserry wide of first (left) editor. With all my respect It’s kind of a silly solution. Would like to have more facilities for this case.

I thought feedback is the place, where someone of Scrivener team answer on your question. If you don’t do it, dont cal it “feedback”.

You will find there is a thread in the Announcements forum and a Newsletter was sent round to all those who subscribed saying that the whole team was taking a much needed break over the festive season. No one can help it if you’re not subscribed to the newsletter, or read all the forum posts. But give them a break … they’re due back in the saddle this week I believe.


OK, i didnt know, and dont mean something bad. But there’ are threads, that have no one replies since september, what a long break.