Text lost

Hello, I’ve been using Scrivener for some months now, and today I’ve had the most infuriating problem : my computer suddendly shut down as I was working, and when I turned it back on, the text I was working on had been entirely wiped clean! It’s not the case of the other few texts in the same project, but there is no trace of the 8K words text I was working on when the laptop shut down and on which I had been working for a month and a half.
Needless to say, I am pretty upset and desperate at the same time, because I need this project to be completed in six days, which is never going to happen if I have to re-start nearly two months of work from a scratch…

I haven’t dared fiddle with anything yet, so does anyone have the slightest idea about how that text could be recovered? It would be fantastic if you did. If you can help me with that, I’ll be very grateful.

Surely you have been backing up your hard drive regularly? Or at least your working files? So you must have a recent backup somewhere, yes?

Scrivener does automatic backups…see section 7.8.1 of the manual.
literatureandlatte.com/docum … win-a4.pdf

Hopefully you’ll have a recent automatic backup you can access with the majority of your work intact.