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I’ve done a couple projects on Scrivener now, and I find it works really well; I’m happy to purchase it. I was wondering…along with being able to set the direction of the text left to right or right to left, would it be possible to include a forward-only mode?

Most people have enough self-discipline to avoid going back and editing; I don’t. I can see how most people like being able to fix a typo, but I would really like to have the option to go forward only sometimes (but not all the time.) I hope this hasn’t been addressed elsewhere…I did look.

Are you serious or is my irony detector on the fritz again?

I see that the issue was raised, to some experimentation earlier but it doesn’t seem to have panned out. Am I missing this in 1.0? Is that why you suspect me of sarcasm? Or did I miss a huge discussion of this somewhere?

Assuming neither of those is true and you are trying to tell me you think the request is stupid, I do have a rationale. I teach a weekend workshop on working through your writing blocks, and freewriting is one of the techniques that some of my students find helpful in just getting some ideas down.

Most advocates of freewriting tell you to freewrite by hand, as quickly as possible, with no going back to edit. Unfortunately, among younger people in the US…handwriting is really not the way they write anything, ever. Since these are college-age undergrads, I would like to be able use to the overtype or typewriter-like forward motion to demonstrate to them how to train yourself to just keep moving forward with your ideas, even if you are typing and even if you’ve messed something up.

Unfortunately, I find that the habit of backspacing to fix typos is so ingrained that I do so no matter what–and something like a forward-only mode might help in training yourself to freewrite onscreen.

Ahem. Well…ummm. Good luck to you.


Mate, 2 minutes for unnecessary condescension.

Thanks, edmo, but whatever. Eiron doesn’t like the suggestion, and that’s fine.

Anybody have anything constructive to say? If not, I’ll go back to lurking, since I appear to have displeased the forum bully with my first post and we all have better things to do than to read a bunch of self-indulgent “you’re stupid” “you’re mean” “I wouldn’t be mean if you weren’t stupid” posts.

Here is a constructive comment: Keith wrote a prototype tool which does do what you want, and even looks a bit like a typewritten page in the process. The thread is here. There was quite a bit of discussion, and yes for a while he considered making this an optional mode of full screen in Scrivener, but other priorities came along. The stand-alone program itself still works though, quite well I might add. You can fix typos when you make them, but if you go back and try to delete text you already wrote, it will just strikeout the text, rather than removing it. The one menu item you’ll want to stay away from is “Fix text.” In theory it is supposed to remove all text that has been struck out, but in practice it does not always work, and can end up removing big chunks you didn’t mean to remove. Other than that, there are no major bugs I remember.

Fair enough. Apologies to all. No excuses.


Hi Chaser,

Please don’t go back to lurking or feel put-off by any reactions to your first post. Eiron has a well-established sense of mischief. :slight_smile:

You are right that I did play with this idea, and experimented with it in BlockWriter, which you can still download (look in the Freestuff area of the website, or in the Beta Testing area of the forum). However, I eventually decided it was too gimmicky for Scrivener itself. It’s certainly a nice idea, and I understand why folk might want something like this, but it was actually harder to do than I imagined. :slight_smile: Did you check out blockwriter.com? That was where I got the idea in the first place.

All the best,

Since I’ve already missed a golden opportunity to shut the f$#k up, i’ll keep this brief.
The perceived civility of this forum is important to all of us regulars. Keith sets the tone round here and it is generally very polite, intelligent and helpful. Please don’t remove yourself on my account. if it’s any consolation, my felt reaction to your post was more puzzled than anything else.

While calling me the forum’s “bully” strikes me as a tad over the top, clearly the line between mischievous and mean is getting easier to cross as the forum expands. On the chance that bullying is in the eye of the beholder, I hereby ban myself from this thread and any other that might elicit a similar reaction from me.

Otherwise I might find myself being asked to attend Prats Anonymous meetings. :blush:



Chaser, you may want to check out writer.app - at supertart.com/qisoftware/Writer.html

I haven’t tried it, but its developer compares it to blockwriter, so it may be worth a look.

Mmmm, for a minute I thought that was ‘Brats Anonymous.’ :wink: