Text not displaying correctly from Scrivener to Kindle Previewer

When I compile from Scrivener 3 to ePub 2, then load the result into Kindle Previewer for Mac, everything is fine. All the text displays correctly.

When I compile the same Scrivener document to ePub 3, then load that result into Kindle Previewer, a lot of the text displays incorrectly. See attached image.

I don’t know whether this is a Scrivener issue, a Kindle Previewer issue or a user issue. I’ve read the Kindle Previewer user guide, but it only says it supports ePub. It does not clarify whether it supports ePub 2 versus ePub 3. Does anyone have any insights on this?

Also attached is the SCRIV test file I am using to problem-solve this.

Test - Kindle.scriv.zip (123 KB)

Kindle ePub3 support appears to be a bit sketchy at this time. – Katherine

Some further info. I copied and pasted the text from my Scrivener test file into Reedsy, the online writing tool. I then used Reedsy to create an ePub file. The Reedsy site, however, does not indicate whether it is producing an ePub 2 or an ePub 3 file.

So I ran the Reedsy ePub file thru EPUB Validator, an online ePub validation tool (validator.idpf.org). EPUB Validator identified the Reedsy ePub file as ePub 3.0.1.

I then loaded the Reedsy ePub file into Kindle Previewer for Mac. The text looked fine.

I then sent a support message directly to Scrivener, asking them to comment on this thread. Maybe my test is highlighting a Scrivener bug, maybe not. But it will be helpful to know. Maybe I just need to give up on ePub 3 for a while, and stay with ePub 2.

Opening a test compile in Adobe Digital Editions came out fine.

What happens if you compile to Kindle KF8 format? There are some known issues with Amazon’s support of ePub3.


This is definitely an Amazon bug and not a Scrivener bug. I tested your project by exporting to both ePub 3 and Kindle format. The ePub 3 file looked perfect in iBooks (thus the ePub was fine) but when converted by Amazon Kindle Previewer it came out as in your screenshot. Exporting directly to Kindle from Scrivener created a file that looked fine in Kindle Previewer. So it seems that Kindle Previewer does a bad job of converting ePub 3 files to Kindle format, corrupting the text encoding by the looks of it - which really makes no sense given that Scrivener uses Amazon’s own kindlegen to create Kindle files, but there you go!

Thank you both for responding. So for the time being, if I want to publish to Kindle, I’ll stay with ePub 2.

Why use ePub at all? Why not use Kindle .mobi format? That is the standard for publishing to Kindle.