Text not shown when choosing from binder (sometimes).

On un-regular occasions lately when choosing a text from the binder the result is a white as is there is nothing to display and thus nothing written, as there should be. After the first mild panic and a quick restart of Scrivener everyting is back to normal. It seems that Scrivener does not, for some reason, display all text. I work with only text. (The computer has enough memory, (8GB) and the i7 processor does not seem to be working to hard.) Just to let anybody else know that a simple restart of Scrivener will solve the problem.

The next time it happens, check your toolbar for the group view control (or the View menu, to see which view mode at the top of the menu has a checkmark), where you can switch between corkboard, outliner and Scrivenings mode, and make sure you aren’t actually using outliner or something. If you load a document in the Outliner and that document has no nested child items beneath it then the resulting window will look very much like an empty text editor if you don’t notice the outliner column header bar.

If it’s definitely in text editor mode when it comes up blank, it could be some other display bug. I haven’t seen one of those in a long while, as you describe it, but one way to check for it is the editor footer bar. If it looks blank but the stats area shows a word or character count, then that would match the symptoms of a display glitch (and a restart generally would clear that up).

What OS X and Scrivener versions are you using?

Thanks, if it appears again, I will let you know, (unless it is an error from my part, then I will keep the shame and take it with me to the grave).
OS X 10.10.5
Scrivener 2.6 (the version before upgrading to 2.7)