Text not wrapping in editor when enlarged by a percentage

Text in the editor central area has aways wrapped previously when I increased the % of enlargement at the lower left corner of the editor section but I’ve apparently accidentally changed something and the text now runs out of the editor and out of sight. I can scroll right to see it but that is nuts and it used to wrap regardless of how much I enlarged it. My vision can become very poor and require enlarging the text substantially at times. Thank You. Thought I’d ask for help after trying to figure it out myself for hours and hours and frustration is growing. Thanks Richard

It sounds like you may have turned Page View on, which gives the editor area set dimensions like a printed page. You can disable it for the focussed editor by selecting View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Hide Page View.

THANK YOU so much. Sometimes I fall asleep with my fingers on the keyboard and wake to find I’ve changed something with no clue how I did it; or my 11 lb black cat Walter, who jumps up on my desk as soon as I sit down to write, walks across my keyboard or lays right on it as he prepares to keep me company and occasionally changes some settings. This accidental change has been particularly frustrating for the last few days and I’m extremely grateful for your help. Richard

Quite welcome! Sounds like you need a cat-resistant screensaver lock. :smiley:

Thanks Jennifer, I will definitely have to look into that, but I will still need something to keep myself from nodding off unexpectedly. Writing takes me to a peaceful place where dreaming and creating are often intertwined and I drift off without warning. I can’t blame Walter for everything. Thanks again My frustration level has dropped to zero now. Richard

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Perhaps the next version of Scrivener will include Sleep Detection.