Text of ghost notes


I’ve been putting my inline annotations in ghost mode lately, and have found that scrolling UP through the text of an editor will sometimes cause the text of the notes to skip all over itself and look weird, like the letters of a line will be at different heights or there will be different horizontal sections of the same line repeated all over each other. Doing it a couple of times will eventually make it look normal, but it’s very annoying. This stops immediately when I turn off ghost notes, and comes back when I turn it on again. Opening a new project does not fix it, so I don’t think this is a project-specific problem.

I couldn’t find this issue in forum search so I hope this isn’t a repeat!

Sorry for the late reply! Just wanted to say thanks and that I have filed the bug report. Unfortunately handling the temporary faded display is rather tricky business, so I’ve no idea how difficult this will be to fix. Clicking into the annotation to remove the ghosting seemed to fix it in my tests (using the beta), and the choppiness didn’t immediately return after clicking away. In my brief testing it also seemed that this happened more if I used the up/down buttons for scrolling vs. swiping a trackpad or dragging the scroller directly. That may have just been coincidence, though.