Text on Card Behaviors

Whenever I’m typing on the index card when it’s in the Synopsis pane, I can put in blank lines (by hitting enter/return) to separate paragraphs or ideas.

However, when the index card is in the Corkboard view (and hence larger and easier to read), whenever I try to insert a blank line (by hitting enter/return), the mode switches to a non-editing mode. (It was creating a new card on enter/return, but I turned that off in preferences.)

Is there a way to insert a blank line on a card in Corkboard? Either that, or make the Synopsis pane full screen?


In Preferences, Navigation tab, there’s an option ‘Return Key: Ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner.’ If you uncheck it, you’ll be able to add new lines with the enter/return key.

Hope this helps


Thank you so much! I swear I looked through preferences at least least twice trying to find something to solve this. Thanks for pointing me to the correct checkbox!


No problem – glad it helped.