Text on cards in Corkboard/Change size of Inspector Synopsis

Is there a way to setup Scrivener to let you hit RETURN while writing inside the index cards on the Corkboard and have it make a carriage return, rather than kick you out of the text box (or create a new card)?

I know you can do this in the Synopsis area in the Inspector panel. But I’d like to be able to do it straight into cards on the Corkboard.

Also, is there a way increase the size of the Synopsis area in the Inspector panel? I’d like to double it’s size and have the less used parts take up less room. There’s no obvious way to do this.


  1. CTRL Enter produces a carriage return in index cards.

  2. If you resize the inspector, the synopsis will increase proportionally. There is talk of a dragger being added to the synopsis field in future updates.


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General Preferences > Navigation > Return Key: Ends editing synopsis in cork board and outliner is the option you want – unticked.

But please note that this works in the main body of the card, not the title. Ie, typing the title and pressing enter will always take you out of the card.

So, you need to press tab from the title, which will take you to the card text, and then pressing enter will give a new line (if you’ve got the option above unticked of course).

I’m not aware of any way to change the proportions of the inspector elements, sorry.

I seem to remember that when the issue of changing the size of the Synopsis pane in the Inspector has arisen before in this forum (beyond pulling the boundary of the entire Inspector to the left), the developer has explained that this would be a very difficult - if not impossible - thing to arrange. I can’t remember where this was discussed (a forum search may find the particular thread), and also I can’t remember the exact reasons, but I think that they were to do with the geometries of the various panes that the Inspector contains.


https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/ability-to-resize-the-synopsis/28764/3 ?


Briar Kit