Text on cover

Is there an easy (cheap) wat to get the title of my book on the cover of my kindle Ebook? I presume it can be done with Photoshop but I don’t have Potoshop. Apple Pages wont save in a format that I can use. I have Comic life but that isn’t right. What is a cheap way to do this or is it necessary? Other kindle books I down seem to have titles on the cover.


You can use The Gimp, which is a free, OpenSource Photoshop clone:


Or, for $49.99 there’s Acorn, which is a very nice Photoshop alternative built especially for the Mac:


Or, for only $29.99, there’s Pixelmator:


I’ve never tried Pixelmator, so I have no idea what it’s like, but it’s consistently riding high on the Mac App Store.

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The Gimp is the cheapest alternative (being free) and is wonderfully full-featured. I can recommend it. I’ve used it on Linux and Windows with equal ease. It also comes with documentation and there is plenty of extra support available on the 'net.

I have Pixelmator, which I’m trying to get used to. I think it’s pretty powerful, but I haven’t managed to “tame” it yet. So generally, when I’ve got work on images to do and don’t want or have time to be messing about, I use Graphic Convertor. Also not outrageously expensive and very powerful.

I’ve thought about The Gimp. I guess if you’re used to using Windows and Linux software, it may be intuitive, but generally I find apps like OpenOffice and SpiderOak, which are essentially ports with the alien interface, somewhat frustrating. But everyone’s mileage varies.