Text opens too slow

Is it normal that my article (text item) with 2500 words and 150 footnotes opens for 5 seconds every time I select it in my binder?

When I hide inspector with footnotes it actually opens in 4 seconds, but still, it’s pretty uncomfortable to jump between text files.

Also when I toggle split, it takes about 5 seconds every time I focus from one window to another.

Sometimes I get “beachball”, and it takes about 10 seconds.

I use version: Beta (909024) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2020


That is not normal. I’ve had projects with 10k words per doc open very quickly. I didn’t try that many footnotes, though. I know some others use a lot of footnotes.

I would first try re-indexing your project (Under File -> Save and Rebuild Search Indexes). This may not help.

If your document is directly inside the Manuscript/Draft folder without another level of folder, that can cause some issues. So if that’s the case, put the document inside a chapter folder and see if that helps.

If those don’t work, I suggest copying your project from the binder (select all) into a brand new project (Drag and drop, not in to the Manuscript folder, but into the binder root (and then move the files around). Sometimes an existing project starts behaving strangely for no known reason. Copy/paste into a new project often fixes those issues.

Hope one of those helps.