Text overwrites header and footer

Hi All -

My first compile :neutral_face: My header and footer (Title and page No, resp) are getting overwritten by my text. If I set the margins to 1 in it’s OK, but these look too big, so I wanted to go to 3/4 in instead. Can’t find this in the manual… How do I get the header and footer to print out above (or below) the text?

Again, sorry if I’m repeating what was already covered.


It all depends on your settings and what format you are compiling to.
I had trouble getting it together until I found the book “How to format your novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore and Createspace” by Ed Ditto. Using it I managed to get a compile output that was acceptable for publication.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m compiling for PDF with “Format As” set to Custom, and have set the top and bottom margins to 3/4" in the Compile/Page Settings pane; same as in the “Page Settings” pane.

In the Compile sub-menus for “First Pages” and “Facing Pages” I have entered the header text and <$p>. I left the sub-menu “Header and Footer” blank, since this info is covered in the other two panes.

I will order the book, but was hoping this might be a simple fix (ha ha). Is there a way to specify how far from the top the header will actually display? Or maybe I take it as is and live with big margins…