Text pane background color?

I find myself frequently with two vertical panes, either “active writing”/“research” or “active writing”/“conflicted copy.” And sometimes I forget which is which. Is there a way to change the background of one of the panes to a grey or something, as a visual reminder “THIS SIDE is the good one you’re writing on. THAT ON is the one you’re working from and/or going to delete.”

Or perhaps a way to lock certain files in the binder so they can’t be edited?

There’s no locking, and I don’t think you can alter the appearance of one editor without altering the other editor pane. But if you’re trying to suss out the differences between two versions of the same document, one of which has edits, I’d suggest that you take a snapshot of the ‘old’ version, and then copy over that document’s entire contents with the ‘new’ version. Then you can compare the snapshot (which is read-only) to the current text in the main editor. This brings some helpful tools to the table–automatic difference detection and highlighting in the shapshot pane of the inspector, a way to label that snapshot for future reference, and less clutter in your binder. You can always restore a snapshot back to the main text of the editor, or just copy & paste parts of it. You can also snapshot any document you’re worried about accidentally editing, just so you have something to roll back the changes to. The manual has a good deal more info on the subject.

As for having one be a reference (not the same document at all)… You could color the text I suppose. There’s an option in the compile settings to strip out text color, so you wouldn’t have to worry about removing it later if you didn’t want to. You could also copy relevant text to the document’s notes field, which definitely can have a different background.

Opening your research (or the document you’re working on) in a Quick Reference pane might also be a good visual cue for which document to edit, and which one(s) to leave untouched.

The way I would do this is just to lock the editor of the one you aren’t editing, so that its header bar appears pink.

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I totally agree with this comment… this simple fix will make it a lot easier for many of us… most of us use vertical panes… in my case, the one on the left is for actual writing, the one on the right is for looking for clues: draft sentences, some quotations etc. I would like to see the difference more clearly between them, different background color seems to be the best feature/option that makes the distinction between the two in the most vivid way. (plus almost all word-editors/processors have this function, it shouldn’t be that complicated)

note: the notes section in the inspector seems to be the most closest option to this feature (with some limitations (in terms of view) and also some pros (automatically being linked to the actual note).