Text pasted into Inspector/Synopsis vanishes!

(Did search on this, but nobody seems to have reported it.)

I’m working on a c40K word novel with about 20 chapters, 40 scenes.

If I drag or copy text* from a scene file in Scrivenings view to the file’s Inspector, Synopsis pane, sometimes the new synopsis text quickly vanishes. This doesn’t happen all the time.

A workaround seems to be to hit Return after the pasted text.

*[size=85]Original file was imported from MS Word and broken into separate files, which is why I’m copying meta data from the body of the text into the Inspector. [/size]

This sounds like the text isn’t getting properly submitted when you enter it into the synopsis field; I know there was an old bug with this which was fixed a while ago, but you may have found a case with a specific trigger that causes it not to submit until you deliberately hit the Return key. So far I haven’t managed to reproduce this, so if you figure out the difference between when the text “takes” properly and when it disappears, please let me know. Also, is this only happening to you when viewing a Scrivenings session? Have you double-checked that you’re viewing the correct synopsis in the inspector after the drag (since the inspector will show the synopsis of the focused document, changing as you move through the session)? It seems unlikely to be the problem, given that hitting Return keeps the text, but I’d just like to rule out the inspector switching as a possible cause.

Yes, I double checked. It was definitely the correct synopsis.
I can’t reproduce the error today. At the time I was breaking up a very large document, so perhaps it was a whacky memory issue.