Text problem - Help?

Hi, I have encountered something bizarre in my current project.
A section of the text at the end of a document seems to be hidden by something when I view the entire project in one pane. The project is arranged in folders by chapter, with a text doc inside each folder. When I view the text doc by itself in the pane, everything is normal - but when I view the folder or the project, the last section of the doc is invisible. When I tried opening it in a second pane, even MORE of the text was invisible, though there is clearly space for it there - and no, I did not accidentally set the text color to white. Strangely, the lower loops of the letters on the line above (like g, p, etc.) are cut off almost as though there is a white block covering the area the invisible text should fill.
What the hell did I do and how do I fix it?
I should add that I have tried copying the text to a new doc, restarting the program, restarting my computer, and even re-installing the program - all to no avail. I have even copied the text into a text file, deleted the doc, created a new doc, and copied it back - and still, when I view the doc by itself everything is fine, but when I view it even just within the folder (selecting the chapter folder in the manuscript) the text after a certain line is simply invisible.

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