Text randomly turning into internal hyperlinks

I am working on a project in the latest version (3.1.5) on Mac OS 10.15.3 (Catalina), and for some reason I can’t seem to reliably duplicate, the whole sentence or paragraph I am working on randomly turns all of its text into a blue, underlined hyperlink. Clicking on the link goes nowhere, and the link itself does not appear to be editable, removable, or otherwise alterable via normal means. It seems the only way to remove the link (or even view what the link is pointing to, for that matter) is to paste the text in Word, remove the link there, then copy/paste the text back into Scrivener. The most recent occurrence showed the link to be “scrivcmt://C15E9F8B-8201-4A87-A7A3-42B2FF07E723/” when I tried editing the link in Word, so something is creating internal links in the document somehow.

Is there a keyboard shortcut I’m accidentally hitting that’s to blame for this? Is there a setting that needs to be toggled? Or is a bug to blame for this? What’s odd is I haven’t had this occur on other projects before, just the current one.

“scrivcmt” indicates that the link points to a comment.

The hotkey to create comments is Shift-Cmd-*. Is it possible that you’re hitting that by mistake, or that some other application on your system also uses it?

You can see comments in the “speech bubble” pane of the Inspector sidebar. Does a comment appear there when the linking occurs? If so, simply click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of the comment box to get rid of it.


Now that you mention comments, I’m fairly certain the edited text had a comment on it before this occurred, but I deleted the comment then went in to edit the text, and that’s when the text turned into a link. There is no comment currently attached to the text, just the blue and underlining—when a comment is present, the text is normally highlighted in yellow in addition to the blue text and underlining— and the shortcut for adding a comment to text is pretty much impossible to do by accident. So it seems like the deleted comments aren’t actually being deleted, or something similar is going on?

I’m wondering if the fact that this project was originally a Scrivener 2 project might be part of the problem? I noticed after upgrading to Scrivener 3 that I could tell based on the color of a note—since they were ever so slightly two different shades of yellow—which version of Scrivener the note had been made in.