Text re-centers at Insert point

When I add to or change pre-existing text, the page recenters to put the point of insert in the middle of the screen.

Is there any way to stop this?

Are you in full screen? If so check out Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling, which centres text at the insertion point.

I don’t find a difference in this between the ‘typewriting’ option checked or unchecked.

Typewriter option or not, whether I’m in full screen mode or not, if I type into a line near the top or bottom of the page, everything jumps to bring the insertion line to the middle of the screen.

I’m sorry to harp on this, but did you ensure that Typewriter Scrolling is off for each of the split editors and the full screen? You can set it individually for each of them and so it may have accidentally been on in one without your realizing.

Of course if it is off everywhere and you’re still getting this, it seems a little weird. Do you get any console messages? (You can open Applications>Utilities>Console.app and search for “Scrivener” to see if any messages pop up when this happens.)

No no. You are very kind to work with me on this. Thank you.

When I am in ordinary screen view mode, the format>options>typewriter scrolling is not checked.
(Edited to Add and clarify – This is in document view, not in Page View. This doesn’t happen in Page View. I should have made that clear and didn’t.)

Corkboard view doesn’t doesn’t seem to have the option.

When I hit the split screen view and check both screens, the format>options>typewriter scrolling is not checked.

In the console, all I have is
deal loc arbitrary collections table controller!
which doesn’t seem related.

Is this re-centering the page just the way Scrivener works?
Something I can’t change?

Ah, in page view when you get to the bottom of the screen this may happen, I think. It’s nothing to do with how Scrivener works specifically, but rather with how scrolling works in OS X apps in general - you will find the same thing in TextEdit and Pages, for instance. Typewriter scrolling is the only time Scrivener does anything weird with scrolling, which is why we’ve mentioned it - when that’s off, it’s left up to OS X and Apple’s scrolling code how to deal with things.

All the best,

An OS X thingum, then, and something that can’t be changed . . .?


I am encountering this too. Specifically in full screen. I have successfully turned off the typewriter scrolling in the main editor window and it solves the problem.

I go to Preferences -> Full Screen, and when I turn off Typewriter scrolling it has no effect.

In Fullscreen, with Typewriter off, if I edit something that’s a quarter of the way down the page, it snaps the insertion point to the centre. For me this means I can only use Fullscreen to write from scratch; I can’t use it to edit because it sends my head spinning.

Am I missing something?


Finally sort of emulated this, but I’m not sure it’s the same thing or not. I have no trouble editing anywhere on the page in FS with TS off, but if I’m typing and get to the very last line of the visible document, as soon as I go over the edge, instead of scrolling up just one line, the page jumps several lines. If I’m at the very end of the text, it goes up about three lines; if I’m editing something so there’s still text lower on in the document (but not visible on the screen), the cursor and text jumps to the center or somewhere between, according to how much text is left before the end of the doc.

Haven’t gotten anything like this at all in Wrap to Page mode yet. :neutral_face: (EDIT: Okay, typing at the very bottom of the screen, when it rolls of the edge, it will jump up the standard few lines unless it goes over a page break, in which case the OS seems content to let me keep typing on the bottom edge. Go figure. Haven’t gotten it to jump anywhere near center, though.)

Anyway, if you try this in TextEdit, the same thing happens, so that really does seem to just be a vagary of the OS text system. Yaaaay Apple.

Yes. The preferences setting clearly comes under the heading “Default Settings for New Projects” - so it only affects new projects. :slight_smile: To turn it on or off for existing projects, go to Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling, as explained above. This is remembered separately in full screen, so turning it off in the main editor will not turn it off in full screen - turn it off while in full screen if you want it off there too.

Exactly, it’s just the way the text system works on OS X - it’s the same for most programs, and I’ve never had an issue with it. But yes, if it’s not typewriter scrolling, then there’s no way to change it as it’s just built-in Apple-coded behaviour.


When I go to Microsoft Word for mac 2011 and enter a document in ‘Draft’ or ‘Web Outline’ view I can work on the third line on the screen or the 28th line on the screen and the page stays stable. It doesn’t bring the line I’m working on to the center of the screen and make me lose my place.

I also do not have the page movement problem in TextEdit.

It’s just in Scrivener.

Now the problem also occurs when I get to the bottom of a page and scroll down to the next line. The screen jumps me to the center of the pager again. This happens to me in both full screen and in standard view.

There are folks who do not have this happen to them?
There are folks where the screen stays still?

If so, there must be someway for me to turn this feature off.

Going to
Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling,
and resetting that has no effect.

What did you change in the ‘main editor window’?
I can’t seem to find anything that says ‘typewriter scrolling’.

It doesn’t do the skipping in ‘Page View’, only in Document View where ‘Page View’ is not checked.

But I don’t want to work in page view.

Scrivener uses the TextEdit engine and so works the same as that. If it works differently, it has to be typewriter scrolling - there is nothing else that affects this in the program and no else has had this problem outside of typewriter scrolling… This setting also only affects non-page layout, which fits with your description. When you go to Format > Options, is “Typewriter Scrolling” ticked? It must be unticked for it to be off… And as I say, you will have to turn it off for each editor and for full screen separately (it’s only on in full screen by default, but it maybe that you turned it on inadvertently when trying to turn it off, if you see what I mean - check for the tick).