Text rendering glitch

After upgrading to RC6, I notice the text rendering glitch that occasionally occurs in some cocoa apps — a white horizontal line through the middle apparently random lines of text. Sometimes the white line goes away. Sometimes it reappears.

I never noticed this on previous Scrivener betas. On my machine, anyway, they seem to have appeared only with RC6.

I am running a 1.67 GHz PowerPC PowerBook G4. OS 10.4.8, 1.5 GB DDR2 SDRAM.

Hope this helps, Keith.


PS Can somebody tell me what HUD stands for. It’s driving me crazy. I assume it’s an acronym, but… ?

“Heads Up Display,” essentially it is absolutely meaningless in a computing context, since the whole display is “heads up.” It comes from military usage, where aspects of an aircraft’s status would be drawn somehow in a clear glass display in front of the pilot, allowing them to fly the craft without looking down at dials and consoles. An ability that – in the context where a battle can be decided in tenths of a second under massive gravity forces that would make the act of looking down incredibly dangerous – could be rather useful.

For us, they just mean spiffy translucent windows. :slight_smile:

Indeed - I’m just following Apple’s convention of naming these sorts of panels "HUD"s.

As for the text rendering - strange. There is nothing in beta 6 in the text rendering any different from beta 5.


P.S. Come on, guys, can we have a “no bug reports” policy for Friday nights GMT? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amber. You’re a pearl.

I was thinking Holographic Under Drawers, Head Under Deuterium, Head Up the Derrière, Hosed Up and Down, Healthy Underarm Deodorant, How Understated Darling, Hoffa Under D’Sea… the list goes on.


Fair enough. I’m in support of a no Friday night bug report policy.
Perhaps we could call it Hold Up D’Alerts.


I did a system cleanup on my machine, and have not been able to reproduce the white line phenomenon. I have a feeling that every once in a while the dear thing just gets a little weary.

Sorry for the false alarm.