Text replacement V2.3.1

I’m trying to create a text replacement with oe > œ (I’m writing in french)
But the replacement works if I tape only oe. For example, if I write “coeur” (what is normally cœur in french), it doesn’t work.

I believe text replacements need to have a space or whitespace after them before they take effect, so this indeed won’t work. It’s not a Scrivener bug, though, as text replacements aren’t part of Scrivener but rather just part of OS X’s text frameworks (thus you set them in System Preferences, not in Scrivener). So you’ll find that this is a universal OS X problem, and unfortunately it’s therefore something I have no control over.

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Yes, I just understood that.
Sorry, I’m a new Mac user.

I think any solution through text replacement, whether through System Preferences, or a keyboard App like TextExpander is going to need the oe to be followed by a space.

What keyboard setup do you use? On the British English keyboard œ is Opt-q. If you’re using another keyboard layout, French for instance, go to Keyboard Viewer — you will need to go to and turn on “Keyboard and Character Viewer” and “Show Input menu in menu bar”; the latter will appear as the flag of the language you’re set to. In the “Flag” menu, choose “Show Keyboard Viewer”; if you hold down the option key, it will show you the key bindings under that … I would expect œ to be there somewhere, depending on your language setting for the keyboard.



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Yes, it is ALT+o :=)

Typinator does have optional immediate expansion. So if your shortcut is “%pro”, as soon as you hit ‘o’ it would expand that to “Professional Edition”. It’s probably overkill for this specific scenario though—and as pointed out there is already a way to key in this character with a hotkey.