Text selected upon opening file

I have Scrivener on both Windows (brand-new licensed copy, not trial) and Linux, and have need to move back and forth between the two to work on my project.

When I open the .scriv file in one after working in the other, large blocks of the text are selected, as if for copy-paste. It was not like that on close.

This ALSO happens after closing the file on Windows and reopening it; it might be the same on Linux but I haven’t tried that out.

Windows Scrivener Version: - 19 Jul 2016 (running on Windows 10)
Linux Scrivener Version beta (running on Linux Mint 17.2)

NOTE: I used to move back and forth between the Windows & Linux versions with no issues, but with previous releases, not with these latest releases.

To give an example:

  1. I open the file in Linux.
  2. I work on the project (add text, edit, etc.)
  3. I close the file in Linux, which creates a backup and saves the project to my external hard drive.
  4. I come home and open the file on my external hard drive, this time in Windows – large blocks of text are selected, as if for copy-paste.

The same thing happens if I open the file in Windows, then switch to Linux. Or, as I say, closing and then immediately reopening this file in Windows.

It doesn’t seem to happen if I just create a new project in Windows Scrivener, paste some lorum ipsum text, close and reopen. (Haven’t tested this yet on Linux.)

My guess is that there’s some instability in the file itself, which I believe may have been originally created in the Linux version (?). However, there’s a great deal of work that’s gone into this project, so I can’t just chuck it and start all over.

Here’s an example of what it looks like. This particular part of the file has pretty much all the text selected; other parts only have random bits selected (i.e. only a few lines and spaces).

This glitch doesn’t seem to interfere with the file itself, but it’s a pain to have to deselect the text every time I open. I have to go through each separate section and click to deselect (unless there’s a quicker way to do this?), so I don’t accidentally type over/delete what’s written. Not fun.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I need to open a Support Ticket, please let me know.

Any help in this thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/text-will-keep-appearing-selected-by-no-reason/34253/1]?