Text selection: sentences?

There is a small mistake in the manual, page 375: triple click selects a paragraph, not a word. That said, I would prefer it to select a sentence instead, with four clicks selecting a paragraph. I’ve seen this in another application, I forget which. It’s very nice to be able to select a faulty sentence in one go and hit delete, or type over it.

The behaviours of clicking in text are all dictated by the common Mac editing tools, so we can’t change that aspect of how they work. That aside, Scrivener has a sentence selection tool with the Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select Sentence & Select Sentence with Spaces menu commands. If you intend frequent use of these commands, you might want to add a keyboard shortcut (I used ⇧⌘7 by the way).

Thanks for the error note! I’ve fixed the duplicate and incorrect entry in the manual, and have also added a mention of the sentence selection method to this section.

In fact, this was something I experimented with back in 2016, during 3.0’s development. The problem is that Apple doesn’t provide enough override points to change their behaviour. So I could change things so that triple-clicking worked for sentences and four clicks for paragraphs, but in other circumstances (such as dragging), Apple’s private code would kick in so that you couldn’t triple-click-drag a sentence as you could with other selections. This led to inconsistencies, so I had to drop it.

That makes sense, and I will get by just fine with a keyboard shortcut. Thanks.