Text Selection Text color: present in Windows version, ¿absent in Mac Version?


I am trying to change Text Selection Text color in Mac version (3.3.1 15588).
In this post (Windows version) https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/how-to-change-the-opacity-of-selected-text/130941/3 I can see Text Selection Text and Text Selection Background options; in Mac version, I cannot see those options exactly

And Text Selection corresponds to Text Selection Background in Windows version.

The question is: How can i change Text Selection Text color in Mac Version?

Click the Color button and change it.

Thank you, drmajorbob. If I click the Color button I am changing the Text Selection Background color, not the Text Selection Text color, that is the question.


You cannot change the text color. Selection yields highlights, not text formatting. You could, of course, create and application a style, but that wouldn’t go away when you’re no longer selecting the text.

Thank you, drmajorbob.

I do not want to change the text color, but the selected text appearance. If I have normal text, let us say, black foreground and white background, i cannot set selected text white foreground and black background; I can change only background color. In Windows version I can change both colors.

Yes, and as you can see in your screenshot, that option isn’t there in the Mac version. I can’t see why it would be important enough to spend time looking for it once you see it isn’t there.

Maybe this should be (turned into) a bug report if the option is missing accidentally, or a feature request otherwise. Would be nice to have for sure.

Thank you drmajorbob, November_Sierra.

I think I will fill out a bug report/feature request to clarify the issue.


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I think you’ll find the reason for this is not a bug, it’s a difference between the two OS’s and the programming kits used.

On the Mac, the UI is developed with Apple frameworks, and text highlighting is a function controlled by the operating system. You can change it in the System Settings/Preferences but it affects highlighting in every app that allows it.

On Windows, while Qt provides a good foundation for the developers, they have had to roll much of the UI themselves. This means that Windows users have much more control over UI appearance and themes, including such things as highlight colours.



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