Text selection + typing make Scrivener 2.0 freeze

Hi, I am experiencing a bug with Scrivener 2.0 under OSX 10.6.4.

  • when I want to correct/modify a sentence in a document, often I select the wrong text, then I simply start typing in order to replace it with new text.

  • sometimes when I select some text and start typing, scrivener freezes and I have to perform a hard forced quit.

  • at present I used scrivener 2.0 for about 8 hours, and the bug happened 3 or 4 times (so, usually the selection-then-write operation is ok).

  • there is no crash report, and the console shows the error in JPEG in attachment.

I hope I managed to explain myself clearly, thanks a lot for your help (and congratulations, I loved scrivener 1.x but this new version seems to be a wonderful improvement).


Sorry you’re having problems. Next time this happens, can you take a look at the exact word or words you have selected and remember what you tried to type just before you force quit, then re-launch and try doing exactly the same thing again to see if you can get it to freeze and throw those errors again.

If you can find a way to reproduce it with a specific set of actions, that would really be great as it would mean I’d be able to see it for myself and fix it.

Also, try re-downloading Scrivener because I put up a slightly updated version a few hours ago which fixes some of the worst bugs - I don’t think it will have any effect on this one, though.


Thanks a lot Keith, I am going to re-download it right now.

I hadn’t thought that maybe there’s a certain keystroke combination that can cause the bug, if it happens again this afternoon I am going to let you know.

Thank you :wink:

Thanks - anything you can do to help me reproduce it would be much appreciated!
All the best,

Here I am, but without good news.
The bug happened 2 times this afternoon (after 4 hours work and endless selection+typing operations, most of them perfectly fine), but it involved completely different sentences selected (and going to be replaced). The bug in console app is always the same “Out of bounds”.

The only thing I noticed is the text involved was always the very last line (or couple of lines) of the document, so maybe the error is caused by end formatting?

If you think it can help, I can send you by email my scrivener project (it was a 1.x project converted into 2.0, it is around 2,3 MB and it is written in Italian).

But if no other user is experiencing this, maybe the problem involves only my macbook pro and I’ll have to try to live with it… I don’t want to make you waste time for nothing!

Thanks again.


Yes, could you please send the project to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and include “for attention of Keith” in the subject line? I don’t think this is specific to your MacBook (although writing in Italian may be a factor), so I’d like to get to the bottom of this.


A little update: in the last few days, this bug never happened anymore… I am start thinking it was due to some strange issue on one of my documents :smiley:

Thanks a lot Keith, and after one week I can say scrivener 2 is really great :mrgreen:

Glad it’s not happening any more at least! It is possible that there was something awry in a document, but if you see it again then please do send me the document for testing, as it still shouldn’t act as it did.

Many thanks for the kind words - much appreciated!

All the best,