text separator in compile

In Italy we are requested (it is a minor thing, really) to add a hash mark when we have an empty line (like in a change of scene).
It is easy tho do that when you have each scene in a separate text document (Compile -> Separators), but what happens when the empty line is in the same text document? Do I have to split the document?

For that, you would use the “Replacements” pane (the “Preset Replacements” pane is probably best for this, seeing as you would want it saved as part of the formatting preset rather than keeping it specific to the project). Add a new replacement row and, in “Replace”, hold down the Option key and hit return twice (holding down the Option key allows you to enter return characters in text fields). Then, in “With”, hold down the Option key, hit return, they type the hash character, then hold down Option again and hit return again. Now, all empty lines will be replaced with hash tags.

Remember, though, that this will affect all empty lines in the text.

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Thanks, just tested it, unfortunately it doesn’t center the hash mark as in the beautiful compile option.
If there isn’t an option to center the text probably it is easier to split the text document where necessary.