Text separators not working

No matter what I do, I can’t get any text separators to show up between text documents. Ideally I’d like a row of stars in between the scenes in my novel, but I can’t get anything to show up at all. Whatever I put in the ‘separators’ section in ‘Compile’, no matter what boxes I tick or untick, my document doesn’t contain text separators. Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong? Surely it should be a case of entering the stars as a text separator in ‘custom’, then click on compile?

A guess on my part… I could be wrong.

Yes, in File > Compile, definitely select Separators and make sure Text Separator is set to Custom with some text supplied such as #####.

May additionally have to also select Formatting and experiment there, depending on how you have your manuscript/draft material organized. I’d have to refer you to the manual and perhaps the tutorials (built in and video that are offered on the Scrivener site’s Support page) for details, as I haven’t gotten into that yet.

To be honest, when I tried experimenting with this, the first time or two I looked at the output resulting from Compile For: Preview, I didn’t think it was working… then I went back and looked again… it was… I just wasn’t looking carefully enough in the right places… and the ###### was centered (as it should be) rather than against the left margin where I was looking (don’t know why I was looking there…).

Hope that helps.

Make sure that in the Separators section you’re setting the separator for the correct types of documents for your binder structure and the items that are compiling within that. Note too that if you have “page break before” set for any document, that will supersede any other separator.

What format are you compiling to? That could also make a difference, although less so in the case of a custom text separator. (More an issue where there’s no concept of page breaks in the output format, for instance.)

Thanks, MM - looks like it is indeed a problem with the formats I’m compiling to (RTF and Word). When I compile to Preview, it’s fine. Not sure how I can get round that one. Is this a known bug? I did do a search before I posted, but couldn’t find anything relevant.

I’m not aware of any problems with this. Could you maybe attach a sample project showing the problem? I ran a quick test to double-check, setting the Text/Text separator to “# # #” and compiling two text documents to RTF. The separator appeared as expected when opened in Word 2013. It’d be helpful then to see exactly how your project is set up.

Thank you - I had a go at attaching a sample project, but got a message saying that .scrivx files couldn’t be attached. Is there another way I can get a project to you?

You’ll need to zip the entire .scriv folder, which you can do either by right-clicking the project’s folder in the file browser and choosing “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” or by choosing File > Back Up > Back Up To… from within the project in Scrivener and selecting the option to make a zipped backup.

Thank you - here’s an example. It’s not the file I was working on, but it does illustrate the issue. I’ve attached the zipped scriv file and the document it produces - no ### between text documents.
Press kit sample.zip (572 KB)
Maggie James Fiction - press kit.scriv.zip (636 KB)

Okay, the problem is that you’ve selected “Page break before” for all of your documents. Page break trumps the separator symbol. You can Alt-click on one of the “Page break before” checkboxes in the Contents tab of compile to clear the setting for the whole list of documents, and your custom ### separator will then be used instead.

Aah, I see - thanks so much, MM! I was so busy checking the options under ‘separators’ that I didn’t think about the ‘contents’ options. All is now clear.