Text Separators Problem

I’m on v1.9.7 and having problems with text separators to divide up my scenes. Under the compile options for Text Separators I have ~*~. It shows up fine, but I’d like to have a blank line before and after to make it stand out more. Also, this shows up between my title page and copyright page, and between my copyright page and dedication, even those are marked ‘as is’ in the Compile Settings Content pane. Thanks in advance for any help.

For the first problem: In a document type out the separator the way you would like to see it, with blank line above and below. They cut all three lines and paste them into the separator field and it should use all three lines in the output.

For the second problem: not sure. I use a Mac, and it ‘just works’ that separators are ignored between front matter items. I have to tick the box on the compile panel (under All Options > Contents > Add Front Matter and choose the current Front Matter format) and then it’s all taken care of. I don’t know whether that’s a Windows feature yet, sorry.