Text size on Copyholder and Snapshots. (Other Notes)

I think this is a newcomer style question.

For the life of me, I can’t workout how to change the font typeface and size in the copyholder and the shapshots.

I think i changed this once, but it’s gone back to defaults, and I can’t change it back (they are too small for me to read). I’ve been through all the preferences and didn’t find it, so I’m going to need some simple hand holding.

Your help to find this setting is very appreciated.

Two options first is look at lower left corner of editor and change magnification of editor window. I use 150%.

Second file> options > try appearance tab and editor to have options to change fonts

I think you have to use the keyboard shortcuts to “zoom” the text in or out for both of those text views. I don’t know for sure if there is a setting for a default text zoom or a font size for those views, but you could look in Scrivener’s preferences for that sort of thing.

My editor zoom is at 200% lol, but it doesn’t affect those panes I mentioned. I will try the other suggestion that @Rdale offered.

Oh thanks for the tip for the keyboard shortcut zoom.

I hope someone knows which appearance/preference settings I can use to change this “permanently” avoid the hotkeys. I have looked for them, and I’m sure they there, but I’m looking past them.

Both the copyholder and the snapshot reflect the text in the original file/folder, changing that and then taking a snapshot or clicking return on a highlighted file which turns into in a QRP reflect the current text in the file, enlarging the font before doing either thing will result in larger fonts in the snapshot or qrp