Text Spacing Problem


I am using Scrivener for the first time for a plain text e-book for Kindle.

There are no graphics and no images.

The text looks good sometimes, and at others there is too much space between
some words. I don’t know why this happens so I can’t fix it.

I increased the font size for the numbered line, so it stands out from the body text, but
then the extra spaces creep in.

All the text is left-aligned.


Kind of looks like normal results from the full justification.

So, why is some of the text normal looking and some has extra spaces?

It is all left-aligned body text.

Does Kindle do the justification?

Can that be corrected somehow?

Some of the text is spreading out because of the full justification - apparently no automatic hyphenation is being done, so that’s what you get. The text shown in your screen capture is all full-justified - none of it is left-justified.

And, with full justification on and no auto-hyphenation, increasing the font size makes a long word like “Productivity” take up too much space for the first line and have to be moved to the second; but that move leaves a lot of extra space on the first line, which is then distributed between the words.

Possible solutions:

Allow hyphenation–probably not desirable in a heading.
Don’t increase the font size as much–also problematic, since all headings need to be in the same size.
Reword: For instance, would “Increased Productivity” work better than “Productivity Increase”? Or “Had” instead of “Increased”?