Text Spacing Selector: Editing Item List?

Newbie question: I have imported an MS Word document into Scrivener for Windows, and the Text Spacing Selector (the dropdown to the right of the Font Size dropdown) now has a couple of dozen list items, such as “1.2x 0.0/10.0”, that were apparently created with the import. A lot of these items are duplicates–for example, the “1.2x 0.0/10.0” list entry appears a half-dozen times in the drop-down list. It’s a minor annoyance, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

Here’s my question: Is there any way to edit the list that appears in the Text Spacing Selector? I’d like to clean out the duplicates. Thanks.

The current implementation from the Qt framework we’re using combines line and paragraph spacing and indentation, so it’s possible some of the seeming duplicates have different indentation associated with them. If you hover over the item in the menu, the tooltip that appears will give the complete info.

That’s mostly academic, of course; the real issue I know is to get rid of them. You can’t edit the list directly, but it should clean itself up when you next close and reopen the project. The custom sizes populate as you work, adding the paragraph settings of each paragraph as you click into it. Since you won’t be importing and going through so many different formats next time, the list shouldn’t grow so large.