Text starting at different points after compile [SOLVED]

I’m seriously considering just making this forum my homepage. Every time I think I’ve got the compile nailed, another problem shows up.

Okay, latest issue. The book is split into eight parts. The text for the title of each part is set to compile in Formatting as Text, so they should all show up the same (same font size, same font type, same spacing, etc.).

When the file compiles, part one and part three at the halfway point of the screen in Kindle Previewer. Every other part appears at roughly 1/4 of the way from the top. Not sure what could be causing this.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Figured it out seconds after I posted. The text appeared as follows…

Part # (24pt. font)
Whatever the name is (36pt. font).

The problem was that although the top line was mostly 24pt., some of the blank spaces following the text was set to 36pt. Everything works fine now.