Text Statistics blank?

Hey all, I’m kind of new to scrivener. I enjoy writing when I have the time, but am also a university student in the sciences and have come to LOVE using it for writing papers, or reports, especially journal article styles ones.

One issue that I’ve noticed is that if I’m in scrivenings mode, when I try to use the text statistics it always comes up as blank. According to the help file, I was under the impression that I should be able to see the stats for all of the different sections that are included in the scrivenings, but this doesn’t seem to be working. Is there something that I’m missing?

Note: If I select just ONE file/subsection, then the text statistics works fine. It’s only while in scrivenings mode that I’m having this issue.

Okay, so I guess some clarification on some of issues, after some testing. I like having the corkboard or outliner (depending what I’m doing) open in one pane (we’ll say left), with my current work in another (right). If I have the left pane selected, and then select a folder/group in the binder to show all the entries, synopsis, etc, and then click on the individual file that I want to work on in the left pane, having it automatically open in the right. If I then give focus to the right pane, then go to text statistics, it will show as all blank stats. Binder selection: group/folder. Active pane: the text

If I make the right pane active, then select the document I want to see in the binder, then the text statistics will show all the information. Binder selection: The text. Active pane: The text

If I make the right pane active, select the group/folder, switch to scrivenings, then the text statistics will show no information. Binder selection: group/folder. Active pane: scrivenings

From the sound of the manual, all of these scenarios SHOULD show me the text statistics results, but only the one case seems to actually work, and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not.