Text Statistics for Scrivenings

I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the text statistics to work when I have multiple documents open under scrivenings. To explain, my project is that of a novel with parts. Under Part 1, I have nine chapter folders, each with one or two scenes. When I click the Part 1 folder in the binder and select the Scrivenings button at the top of the editor, I see all of the documents in the text editor, as it should be. At the bottom of the editor, it gives me word and character counts, which match up with my own addition calculations which I did separately to check (yes, I’ve had some time on my hands lately). Anyway, when I go to the Project menu and select Text Statistics, the box pops up with zeroes down the board for every value: words, characters and paragraphs. The same thing happens when I try it with the keyboard shortcut.

Am I missing something? Because I thought the text statistics was supposed to work with scrivenings?

Edit: So, I figured out how to get it to work, in a way. You have to select all of the subfolders and files before selecting Scrivenings mode and clicking in the editor. However, this still seems awkward, as it would be much easier to simply click a parent folder and have the program recognize that I want that selection to include its children folders and files.

Yeah, this looks like it’s not working quite the way it should, so I’ve filed a report on it. Text Statistics should work off whatever text is displayed in the editor, so if you have a container selected and are displaying the subdocuments in a Scrivenings session, focusing in the editor and selecting Text Statistics should give you the stats for that whole session, not just the container document. For now the workaround is to select each document in the binder, as you did.

Thanks for the reply at least. It’s definitely unfortunate that I have to do this workaround, but better that than nothing.