Text statistics not working in Scrivenings mode

If I’m reading the Windows manual correctly, the text statistics feature should work in Scrivenings mode. But it’s not working for me. The word count in the footer is correct, but all the counts in the text statistics window are 0 except for Characters (no spaces), which shows 1. No words show up under Frequency.

The text statistics option works fine if I’m in single document view.

I’m running the latest version of Windows 10 Home, if that matters.

I’m also seeing this problem. :frowning: I’ve reported it to the bug email address, too.

I’m also seeing this problem. There are no posts addressing this issue. Is there a fix for this? It’s too cumbersome to use the word frequency tool scene by scene in a 80,000 word document. Appreciate your help. Many thanks

When I reported the bug, I got this reply:

I searched for “I” (my novel is in first person so it should be in every scene :wink: ) and it looks like the search results come up in the same order they are in the binder, so I just shift-clicked to select all the scenes that are actually under “Manuscript”. Then I put the cursor in the editor and indeed, Text Statistics worked! The word count seems a little off so I might be off on my guess about the order of scenes, but it should get you close. Here’s hoping Scrivener 3 for Windows fixes this and comes out soon! :smiley:

The text statistics option works fine if I’m in single document view.

I think the Scrivenings mode is not in par with MacOS’s yet. There are few bugs that have to be cleared out.

That being said the stats for the scriveneings work for me.