Text Statistics word frequency-request for export capability

Hi Keith,

I am a new Scrivener user. I tested the product during my first NaNoWriMo, and purchased it (Mac version) afterwards. I have created several projects, both large and small, and am currently drafting two novels and a number of short stories and research papers in the software. So far, I really like the software and I think it enhances my output.

One of the things I really love about Scrivener is the text statistics, in particular the word frequency tool. I like to analyze texts (my own and others) to check if stated themes pan out as key topics at the word/semantic level, to see if low-frequency words are appearing too frequently and vice versa, and to conduct other analyses.

I would love to be able to export that word frequency information (at the text and selection level) into a spreadsheet (Numbers and Excel) or other file types (text files, etc.) to do deeper analysis on my word usage, group together synonyms, create word clouds, and handle many other analytic functions. I’m not sure how big a deal it would be to do that, but it would be fantastic if you could make that a button on the statistics table. Thanks for considering it!


I just discovered the text statistics dialog today, and I think it’s awesome. It would be good to at least be able to select multiple lines in the word frequency box and copy them to the clipboard as tab-separated text or something. My supervisor told me I use ‘likely’ too much, so I used this to see just how many times I did, and to look for synonyms that I could use instead, that I haven’t overused.

Currently can’t copy these rows at all. So implementing this would mean a) allowing multiple rows to be selectable at once, and b) allowing copying to the clipboard.

Not a totally necessary feature, but it would be a nice addition.

In addition to being able to highlight and copy sections of the word frequency table, I would find the existing word-frequency feature much more useful if the dialog box were not a fixed size.

I’ve never understood the real value of making modal dialogs that can’t be scaled, since in most cases it’s easy to implement, and (when I was the developer) I never really knew all the creative ways my customers would use the dialog. In the case of the word frequency table, it would truly be 10x more usable if I could stretch it to full screen height and display large chunks of data to review visually, instead of endlessly scrolling just a few words at a time.

To this end, I’d also suggest allowing for more closely spaced rows in the table. A fully configurable table or dialog isn’t what I’m asking for at all, though – just a couple of cosmetic changes that would make the list tremendously easier to use.



I thought I saw a post that something like this was coming down the pipe, but my search-fu is failing me because I can’t seem to find it again (or maybe I dreamt it?). Anyway, in case I was mistaken, consider this yet another plea for some ability to export the word frequency list.

Why? Well, I’m a transcriptionist and one of the main things my clients are doing with the files I send them is analyzing word frequency and looking for themes. I’m sure they have dedicated software to do that with, NVivo and such, but if I could export the word frequency list directly from Scrivener and send it along with the file, then that’s a great value-added feature I can offer them (which in turn keeps me employed and buying things like Scrivener & Scapple).

Maybe a check box in Compile to export those? Or if the compile box is busy enough then just allowing Copy & Paste would be excellent as well. And while I’m wishing, some sort of user definable filter to remove common words like "and’ or “of” et cetera.

This would still be a really cool feature. Even just to be able to export a spread sheet would help tremendously! I offer to beta test, lol. :smile: