Text still left aligned instead of aligned

I have compiled a Srivener file to epub. I aligned the text. Unfortunately after the compilation of the file the lines are still left aligned. What is that about? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your time and attention.


To enable any assistance by those who know, would be good if you could provide info on what you actually did. What were the compile settings, etc.

Usually, the Section Layout for your left-aligned text isn’t ‘Justified’.

Double-Click your Compile Format and adjust the Alignment in the Formatting Editor of the Section Layout you use for this text.

Alternatively, update the Class in the Stylesheet of the Compiled e-book with the Property text-align: justified;

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None of the formatting you did in the editor (beside whatever paragraphs are styled) matters if at compile, in your compile format, you have this option checked :

This is individually set for each section layout present in your compile format. (Top section of that panel)

Either uncheck it, or make the formatting in the section located just above be the way you want it to be.

Thank you very much!
I really appreciate your answer.