Text target please

Please add a section for TEXT target to the project target.

Why? Well, the word count is not visible in full screen mode. And the session target count does not reflect the actual words written in a text/document.

Maybe I’m not the only one writing one story a day (for radio) which should have a limited length.

A text (document) target is already available. Just click on the target button on the right of the footer bar to set it.

The word count is visible in full screen mode if you open up the control bar at the bottom by placing your cursor there.

As of 1.11, the document target is also displayed next to the word or character count if set, so can be seen in the full screen panel too (e.g. “Words: 123/250 Chars: 2345”).

I won’t be adding this to the project targets panel as I think it is better where it is.

All the best,

Would it be possible to:

a. have ability to mark sections NOT to add to the word count, i.e. script headers and titles?

b. (for radio news scripts) have ability to enter a words per minute and have a displayed HH:MM:SS approximate “word length”??

That would be very appreciated.