Text that just wont delete! Scrivener 2.0

I have a really odd bug with Scrivener 2.0 (Mac, build 6218).

My novel is based on the Novel template shipped with the product, with each of my chapters split into Folders. Each folder contains many scene documents.

Now, at some point I accidentally pasted half a chapter into a FOLDER, rather than into a document within that folder. This text is only visible if I select all the documents and folders and view as a scrivening. If I click on the folder in question in isolation, the text is not visible. It doesn’t appear in corkboard view either.

If I delete the ‘bad’ text when in scrivening view, it re-appears when the document is reloaded :confused:
If I copy all text (Apple+A) while in scrivening view and paste into a new document, all content is copied as expected EXCEPT for the deleted section. It’s as if Scrivener ‘sort of’ knows that section is supposed to be deleted, but still displays it in some views.
Bizarrely, the deleted section still counts in the word count (annoying!)…
…and if I close Scrivener with a selection still made, when I re-open Scrivener the selection changes to the length of the entire document, MINUS the section that is supposed to be deleted from the end!

Very, very odd :slight_smile:

There is a bug in Scrivenings mode whereby deleted text doesn’t get remembered as having been deleted unless you make other changes afterwards - this is fixed for 2.0.1 which will be out later this week (hopefully).

I recommend you go through the tutorial, though, as the main issue here is that you have pasted text into a folder document but don’t know how to get to the text of a folder document. :slight_smile: Step 7 in the tutorial covers what you need, but you will help to have read the previous steps. Hint: turn off the corkboard, outliner, or scrivenings mode to see the text of a folder.

All the best,

Well now I feel stupid, and grateful :slight_smile: That’s done the trick!

I swear, I have been through the tutorials, but I think the NaNoWriMo processes & subsequent lack of sleep pushed some important stuff out of my memory… 0_o

Thanks again,


Glad that helped. And I can’t even put a sentence together by the end of some days, let alone remember the details of a software program. :slight_smile:
All the best,

Here, someone else is a victim to my duplicate content haunting!

Now I don’t feel so alone anymore. :slight_smile: I had the devil of a time trying to pinpoint this bug with KB, but it seems he’s managed to find it (although, KB, as discussed previously, I have a nagging feeling my bug was caused by something other than what you’re describing).

Still, apparently a fix is in the works for 2.0.1. KB works like lightning. :wink: