Text that won't be compiled ?

Is it possible to mark text within a document in such a way that it gets ignored by the compiler ? Something like comments in programming code ?

I keep reminders and side notes inside scenes that help me remember to include this and that and to come back and review this and that.

Yes I KNOW I can also use document notes, and I do so. Just asking :slight_smile: as it would be nice.

Yup! That’s what inline annotations are for. They are in the Format menu, you can just use Shift-Cmd-A to toggle it on and off. It works like regular formatting does, for purposes of typing and selecting. You can change the colour by putting the cursor anywhere inside of one, and using the regular text colour tool. By default these will be stripped out when compiling, but the configuration options for that are in the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane.

Brilliant. I searched the big Manual but didn’t come up with anything searching for ‘hidden’.
Great. Will test that tomorrow.