text tidying - replace multiple spaces with single spaces not working

Ok, kind of a newbie, here so I’m sorry if this is obvious. In my file, for some scenes/chapters, the text tidying tool to replace multiple spaces with single spaces works. But in many it does nothing. Is there some setting I unknowingly triggered/toggled?

Appreciate any help!

Also, is it possible to use text tidying across the entire manuscript, or must it be done scene by scene? When I select multiple scenes, it doesn’t work. But maybe that’s because of the main issue where its only somethings working at all!

Thank you!!!

Open the draft/manuscript in Scrivenings mode, make sure the editor has focus, Cmd-A to select all, then use text tidying.

Does that help?



Unfortunately, no, that doesn’t work.
Seems like either a bug, or I have setting turned on that I don’t know about!

Are you mixing regular spaces and non-breaking spaces? Two of those together would not be replaced by this tool; it will only clean up multiple of the same type. You can see the difference if you turn on View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles:
In that case, you could use Project Replace to remove non-breaking spaces or replace them with regular spaces, then run the text tidying tool to clean up multiples. (You can limit Project Replace to only affect selected documents and only the main text, so check those out. Also, just for safety’s sake, it’s a good idea to run a project backup via File > Back Up before doing a project replace, since the action cannot be undone.)

That did it! Thank you SO much. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a non-breaking space (gosh, I feel naive), much less that I’d somehow managed to use some!

thank you!

You can enter them in Scrivener by typing Opt-space, but more likely they came in as part of text that was copied (or perhaps imported). Double-spaces in Google Docs, for instance, are combo of a regular and a non-breaking space. Anyhow, glad you’ve got it all tidied now! :slight_smile:

The question – which I wish to echo – was whether or not it was possible to use the text tidying tools on an entire manuscript, without have to select each chapter/scene separately. The feature is pretty worthless unless it can be applied globally. In the Win 3 version, it doesn’t appear to be possible to select all the text in the manuscript. And the Text Tidying Tools only appear to work on selected text. The standard protocol for selecting all the text in a document within a Windows app would be to click on the first part of the document, scroll to the bottom, and shift-click at the end of the doc. Alternatively, one could use CNTRL-a to select all. Neither approach works in Scrivener. Using RegEx isn’t a response to the question asked. And in any case, what’s the point of having features in the menus that require work-arounds because they don’t work. Can anyone actually answer the original question? Thanks.

Select a space and non-breaking space together and copy. Paste it into Project Replace and change it to space.