Text Tidying

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The cause of the problem is copying and pasting text from another document. So no diagnosis concerning the root cause is necessary, I am posting here to look for an in-Scrivener fix. I could re-copy the paragraph, open a text editor, paste into the text editor, recopy the text, return to Scrivener and repost the paragraph. That’s not the solution I’m looking for.

I have a paragraph with unwanted empty lines. It looks like it’s double-spaced. The default formatting is single space, but Scrivener ignores its own setting when text is pasted in.

Selecting the paragraph and changing the spacing to 1.0 (though it is already at 1.0) does nothing.
Selecting the paragraph and changing the spacing to .8 does nothing.
Selecting the paragraph and changing the spacing to .5 does nothing.

Selecting “Edit=>Tidy Text => Remove empty line between paragraphs” does nothing (text is still displayed as double-spaced),

How can I achieve single space formatting for this paragraph? Besides the copy, delete, open up text editor, delete empty lines manually, copy, return to Scrivener, paste?

Is there a way to do this in Scrivener? Is there a secret leading control hiding somewhere? Apparently Scrivener brings over a leading control with a paste, but there’s no way to get rid of it once pasted.

[paste and match style is not a solution because the text preceding this paragraph, which ends with an image, has to left as-is.]

Have you tried Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting… (or whatever the menu entry is :slight_smile: )?


If total document conversion is not something you can do (maybe the rest of the document as custom formatting you wouldn’t want to lose), then try using the “No Style” option in the format bar style dropdown. That selection will also revert the selected text to the project/application default formatting settings.

That aside, turning invisible characters on is always a good way to diagnose whether what you’re looking at is formatting, or actual whitespace characters that need to be trimmed.

Thank you.
Converting the text to “no style” worked.