Text titles not compiling

Almost everything works except the titles of text items (on level below folders/chapters) do not compile. I have them ticked to compile the tiltle but titles do not appear. Folder/chapter titles are also ticked and they appear.

Been working on this all day practically, looking at web and instructional videos etc but no answers. I have tried many of the presets but no luck.

Deeply frustrating.

Are there any “common reasons why text titles do not appear”?

What could I be doing wrong?


Post a screen shot of the Format pane of the Compile dialog to begin with.

Hi, before posting a screenshot I did one more experiment.

I had “As is” checked for the text items. I deselected those and the text item titles now appear on compile.

It appears therefore that you cannot have “As is” (with whatever formatting you’ve put in) and have the title at the same time?