Text to speech in windows

I was wondering whether there were plans to implement a text to speech feature for the windows version of scrivener?

Microsoft windows 7 and above comes with built-in voices with most languages, but the function is under “Ease of Access/Narrator,” and is meant to be used to aid handicapped users in navigating windows, not for reading text per se. MSWord and PDF readers often have a build-in function for reading text that makes use of this feature for text-to-speech. conceivably, it would be possible to integrate the native windows features somehow into Scrivener, just like it is done in the MAC version.

We have this on the list to look at, but it is sometimes difficult to tap into some native Windows features given that we are using a cross-platform toolkit to build it. If the system has public hooks then it is no problem, but a lot of things require you to be using Microsoft’s development tools, from what I understand.

For what it’s worth, here’s what I currently use.

NaturalReader for Windows. Does not require ongoing Internet connection or subscription (which its iOS version does).
Two modes.
Minimized floating bar that reads whatever text you currently have selected in your writing app (this works for Scrivener) without having to literally copy/paste the text.
Traditional nearly full screen (can’t resize) mode that can copy/paste into. More reading area and control… But is a screen hog and getting more so with each new version. If you can get the older version 11, do so, as it takes up less screen real estate. Manufacturer has been totally unresponsive on this issue.

Voice Dream Reader for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Does not require ongoing Internet connection or subscription.

Was just wondering if there was any update on this? It would be really nice if this function were integrated!

We’ll be taking a look for the next major version, but as Ioa said, because we’re building on the Qt framework, most of the native Microsoft tools aren’t available to us. If there’s a way to tie into it, though, we’ll give it a go.

Thanks for all the hard work you’re doing. Lack of text to speech functionality is one of the two reasons I’m composing in another program and using Scrivener to store, organize, and edit. Still very useful though.

The other reason is the inability to fade out the paper in full screen mode. Small concern, I know, but that’s the way my brain works.

Newbie here,

Might I suggest eSpeak? The OpenSource project may allow you ladies and gents to integrate the ‘TTS feature’ without stepping on any toes, legally speaking, without having to depend on Microsoft. eSpeak is cross-platform, offering support for both SAP14 and SAP15 voices. eSpeak itself offers many voices and localizations as well.

I’ve been surprised and impressed (yes, both) by the impact of TTS on my work. It more quickly enables me to accrue objectivity in shorter time than usual. While it is possible to employ software such as TTS or Balabolka as a stopgap, I am certain most of us appreciate the creative value of stream of consciousness and how it impacts workflow.

I see that it’s been years since this has been updated, so this is rather discouraging, but please please please continue to focus on incorporating this feature!! :frowning: I simply can not edit without this functionality, and if there isn’t an integrated way to do this I may have to go back to NewNovelist (shudders).

Instead of waiting forever for your multi’platform development tool to support a native Windows feature, why not build a shim using a Microsoft development platform. You can then use that shim from your multi’platform code to provide this and other features_

Adding my voice to the list of folks who would really love to see this sooner - editing in Balabolka and returning to Scrivner is a meh solution at the moment, but the only way i catch a lot of missed & misspelled words. Given your scripting set up, is plug in development a possibility? Or is that just another can of worms?

I had a recent experience that made me think of a new market for Scrivener, if only there was TTS or better integration with a voice recognition system like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The Learning Opportunities group at my college uses several types of assistive technology. Most that work with reading/writing emphasize outlining, but no where near as well as Scrivener. If Text to Speech were available for reading back what has been written, that would make the LO office more likely to look at volume licensing for, or recommending Scrivener to students receiving educational accommodations.

I use Text Aloud 3, it works perfectly with Scrivener. It also has a good selection of voices to choose from. That said, I would like to see better integration of TTS and Dragon Naturally Speaking in version 3. :slight_smile: