Text to Speech?

Hi all - my first post here.

I’ve been told Scrivener has a Text-to-Speech feature, but I can’t find it in Scrivener for windows. What am I missing? I’m in version 1.9.16, and the Update feature says it’s up to date.


Edit > Speech > Start speaking, at least in version :wink:

Thanks - I figured it out and updated to v. 3. My v. 1 said it was up to date and I didn’t realize there was a v. 5. I have to say, I’m impressed - with the text to speech and with the application overall.


The text to speech feature can also be added to your main toolbar, if you use it frequently. When you customize the toolbar, it’s one of the final options. It’s called ‘speech’ and it has a microphone icon. :relaxed:

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