Text to Speech

I like Scriver but there is one key feature that seems missing. I searched for the topic and I am trying my best to find this out. I hope I do not get admonished for not reading the manual (like the last time) by asking this.

I use Text to speech when I am writing a document. The computer voice isn’t great but I find that it helps my writing to take a break and let the computer speak what I have been writing. It seems to strike my brain at a different place than just the typing does. Listening to my writing being read back to me helps me to hear phrasing that I have attempted to “speak” in my writings, but in the actual context of speech.

I find that this also helps me to see where my meaning was not very clear, the more so on longer writings where I can meander from the point I was making - or get lost all together. I always seem to gain valuable editing information from doing this.

Can this be done already in Scriver? Can it be easily added, perhaps after the current freeze? Text to speech is a Mac standard event and it should be applescritable if nothing else. Before I purchased Scriver I was using Tex-Edit because it has this feature built in to it. Scriver has so much to offer and this feature would make it complete. Otherwise I will have to go back to cutting and pasting, moving what I write in Scriver to a temporary text file just to hear it, then back to Scrivner.

Please? And, thank you.


Select your text.

Edit menu/Speech/Start Speaking



:blush: Oh gosh, yes, there it is. Sorry I missed it. Thanks.