Text to synopsis...how did that happen? Help!

I was working on my draft and several of the text files in my manuscript switched to only synopsis. I am not sure what happened, but my text is gone, how do I get my text back?

Any chance that this is happening when you have a folder selected in the binder and are seeing a “scrivenings” (combined) view of whatever documents are in that folder? If so, click the scrivenings button at the top in the main toolbar (just to left of the corkboard and outline button) and see if the text reappears. In that specific case, that results in toggling between seeing just the folder’s own text and the combined text of all the documents in the folder.

If this is happening (seeing empty text in the editor) when you have a single document selected in the binder, I would guess the material is missing due to project corruption or cloud (DropBox) sync issues and you are facing a recovery/restore situation. Or possibly due to some unintended keyboard action that you did without realizing it. In the Scrivener manual (Help > Scrivener Manual), see 7.8 Backing Up Your Work. Also search this forum for “restore” or similar terminology to see multiple discussions of such situations of restoring all or portions of projects from backups.

Hope that helps.