text turns bold and italic when switching mac/pc

Hi there,

I have an issue with a changing font when using Scrivener on both Mac and Windows.

I created a project in Windows, saved it to a USB and then opened it on my Mac. I expected everything to be the same, but the font in most of the documents turned all bold and italic (I used Cambria as a font). This is very annoying because it seems impossible to reverse this without loosing any formatting (such as italics in some words).

I have experienced this before and it seems to have started after an update (not sure which one). A while back this didn’t happen. I updated both PC and Mac to the latest version of Scrivener (currently I’m working in Scrivener 2.8 (26295) on a OSX yosemite).

I posted this in the bugs section first, but didn’t get any response, so I’m trying it here. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!


argh, here we go again. Anyone who recognizes this and has a solution? Is it a bug maybe?

I haven’t experienced it, no, sorry. Have you made any tests to see if it happens with all fonts, and all project?

The first obvious question is: what font is being used on the Mac version? If you don’t have Cambria on the Mac then Scrivener will carry put an automatic conversion (it has to…) and if that font doesn’t have bold and italic variants, then that info will be lost in the process, which may cause odd effects.

To test this : create a new test project in Windows and then create a document using Cambria with plenty of bold and italic sections. Then duplicate this document, select all the text and change the font to one that is on both Windows and the Mac – I think Georgia is, but you’ll have to check.

Then open it on the Mac and see what’s happened: does the unwanted behaviour happen in both the test documents, or only with Cambria?

If that’s the case, then the next step is to make a copy of your Windows project, then convert all the documents to use Georgia (or whatever), then open it on the Mac. If this works, then you know what to do with the real project…

If this process doesn’t work, then there’s something else going on, and I don’t know what to do… but at it gives you something to try. It’s worth trying even if you have Cambria on both machines — at least you’ll have narrowed the problem down to Cambria.