Text types in one long line


New To Scrivener - I’m adding text in note cards on a cork board under the Category - Characters in the Binder - on the first note card the cursor automatically jumps to the next line on the note card - on subsequent note cards - it just keeps typing on the same line dozens and dozens of characters and never goes to the next line

Never mind - that only happens on the Title Line - when I start typing on the body of the card it automatically jumps to the next line at the end of the line - curious - I just noticed this Forum has a Spell Checker but the Scrivener program does not

Yes it does. Create a Text File within any Folder, place some text there, and it will underline what it considers to be mis-spelled words.

Also, in the main toolbar: Tools>Spelling

Just saying is an annoying phrase but in the options / corrections menu is the tick boxes where you can select " Check spelling as you type" or “correct spelling as you type”. You can also select the spell checker dictionary there. Not bad for a spelling checker that you are proud to inform us does not exist. Just saying…