Text under Binder disappearing

Something really odd is happening. When I go to add a text category under a folder in my Binder, something else pops up on the right and that is suddenly missing from the binder.
Let me see if I can give an understandable example.
Okay, I want to add a new planet to my list of planets on the left. So I click on the folder Planet and choose Text above. Normally, I can just type in the name of the planet, then put the details on the blank page that shows up to the right.
BUT, lately the page doesn’t show up blank. It shows up with details from another text category I’ve already used.
Ex. I push Text and rather than a blank page, it has the description of some food category. I’m like, huh? So I cut that text and go to put it back under food to find it missing from there. (This is a pain, because I can’t remember what the name of the food is now and have to go searching for it.)
Why is this happening and how can I make it stop? I’m losing information and time! I think this began when my computer unexpectedly shut down and I lost text yesterday. It’s been pointed out to me that making back-up with Save-As may have caused some of my problems there. Maybe that’s why? What can I do? :neutral_face:
EDIT: I just noticed when I hover the cursor over the Text in the binder, the actual definition text shows up in a faded window, but the page to the right remains the wrong text.

Are your Planets and Food folders located as children under Draft (sometimes called Manuscript) or as siblings? Siblings are seen as Research and sometimes mimic other Research folders because you can have templates in there.