Text Variable/Placeholders

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Quick question, sorry if this has been answered - I cannot find an answer in the forums:

In the Novel template (and others) I can see some placeholders/Variables in the text (such as <$wc100> - which is “Word count rounded to the nearest 100”.) which get filled with content at the time of printing or compilation.

I beleive there are some more, such as <$wc> (word count) and <$cc> (character count). But where are they documented? Is there, for example, a “card title” placeholder? <$cardtitle>?

Also - what should I be calling these things? :laughing:

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I can’t remember if the actual tags are listed in the documentation or not, but they are all available through the Edit > Insert menu. There will be some more in 2.0 (there’s nothing like a $cardtitle at the moment, and I can’t remember whether there is anything like it in 2.0 off hand - I still need to go through all of them as I will be documenting them all in the 2.0 manual).

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